Sunreef Yachts

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Most things in life come with compromises but Sunreef Yachts is the champion of having your cake and eating it too. Sunreef Yachts is a Poland based yacht manufacturer that has created the perfect marriage of luxury and eco friendly sustainability. This means if you’re looking for a luxury yacht charter that offers an unparalleled cruising experience in an earth friendly package then Sunreef Yachts may just be what you’ve been searching for.

Yacht Selection

Sunreef Yachts is a yacht manufacturer with numerous awards to their name. They’re renowned the world over for both their design and their technical excellence. They create premium sailing yachts and power yachts alike, and all of their models have a catamaran design.


Sunreef Yachts was founded in 2003 by founder and CEO Francis Lapp. After discovering his passion for boating, Lapp began a chartering business which became popular quickly. As his business grew, he wanted to provide a more luxurious experience and found that there was a gap in the market for larger, upscale multihulls. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Lapp decided to fix that problem himself by creating Sunreef Yachts. The company’s first yacht was a 74ft oceangoing luxury catamaran which was launched in 2003 and the business’s legacy has been growing ever since.

Special Features

As beloved as Sunreef Yachts is for their elegant vessels, what truly sets them apart are their eco-friendly features. Charterers on Sunreef Yachts can enjoy all the opulence of a premium yacht with minimal environmental impact. This manufacturer takes a well-rounded approach to green yachting with four distinct strategies:

  • Sustainable materials wherever possible
  • Energy-efficient technology
  • Eco-friendly hybrid and electric engines
  • Renewable energy systems on board

The crown jewel of Sunreef Yachts’ sustainability is their patented fully integrated solar panel system. It’s the first and only of its kind, giving Sunreef Yachts charterers an unparalleled ability to indulge in grand luxury on the water while protecting the planet that makes these adventures possible.