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It might seem like a misnomer to think that a country known for its London fog would have a yacht manufacturer named Sunseeker. But, since 1969, this British boat-building firm has done just that. From compact racers to triple-decker superyachts, Sunseeker has remained on the cutting edge of the leisure marine industry and is a premier provider of luxury yacht charters. Located in Poole, Dorset, the company produces 150 yachts each year, with customers located in 74 countries around the world.

Yacht Selection

Sunseeker has built its sterling reputation on a history of innovation and customization based on performance and preference. The small Hawk 38 is nearly 39 feet long and can hit up to 62 knots for a dash across the Pond, while the more leisurely 50M Ocean cruises at 20 knots, allowing guests to lounge in their private cabins or in the on-ship swimming pool.

Larger yachts, from megas to supers, boast a wide range of amenities and luxuries. Most Sunseekers include saloon lounges, jacuzzis, and saunas. Larger yachts require a full crewed charter to operate; a yachtsman might be a competent skipper on his own, but it’ll take some finesse at multitasking if you’re going to captain a 120 footer while climbing up and down three decks to host up to 12 guests across five cabins. Sunseekers are family-friendly, which means the host might need an extra set of eyes to watch out for the little ones. To say nothing of the food prep and cleanup. A charter can run around $150,000 per week in summer and winter.


Sunseeker was founded by Robert Braithwaite, a boat salesman for Poole Power Boats in the UK. After purchasing the boat mold from a closing manufacturer, he began manufacturing motor yachts. Braithwaite was at the place and the right time; England lacked a domestic manufacturer for the leisure yacht industry. His younger brother, John, joined the company in 1972 as Project Development Director–a post he would hold for the next fifty years. By 1976, the first Sunseeker performance made its debut with a planing speed of 36 knots. They were off and running.

Unique Features

The Sunseeker brand is widely celebrated for its unique combination of sophisticated style and state-of-the-art technology. Their flagships allow guests to bask in luxury, whether anchored at port or cruising out to sea. Indeed, the brand’s emphasis on speed has ensured that even the larger yachts can pick up enough knots to keep water skis in tow. Sunseekers’ innovative amenities are designed to offer an elevated experience to exceed the loftiest expectations.

Whether renting a high powered Performance for a solo afternoon on the high seas or chartering a Manhattan with all the stops to wow the boss, Sunseeker can meet your oceanic wanderlust and can do it with style.