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Italy is known for producing some of the world’s top luxury motor yachts. Many of those vessels come from the expert builders at Leopard Shipyard. This prominent brand was founded in 1907. They’re located in the historic city of Pisa and have a huge manufacturing site that covers 92,000 square meters. This brand is famous for producing some of the most attractive and efficient vessels on the water.

Yacht Selection

Leopard offers many different open yachts and sports yachts. If you’re looking for a family charter on the Mediterranean coast, you’ll love their vessels. In addition to special details like innovative planing hulls and robust engines, the boats also feature fine Italian styling and quality craftsmanship.

A unique feature of this shipyard is that they specialize in custom designs tailored to each owner’s taste. They also integrate the latest tools and technologies to make each model efficient and cutting-edge. Their models range from a 24 meter flybridge to the Leopard 46, which is their 46 meter superyacht.

Brand History

Leopard’s history dates back more than 115 years. Over time, they’ve built and refined their reputation. In 1907, the Picchiotti family of Italy founded the brand’s first shipyard. It was called Giuseppe Picchiotti and Sons and it created a foundation of excellence, quality and professionalism that still thrives today.

For decades, they designed rugged, powerful boats for some of the country’s most prolific commercial and military clients. Though their name changed to Cantiere Navale Arno in 1935, the Picchiotti family still managed all operations and continues to do so today. During World War II, the shipyard filled demands for custom boats from Italian entities and foreign governments alike. Though the German Army burned their facility at the end of the war, the rebuilding effort gave the crew time to refine and perfect their building techniques.

In the 1960s, they transitioned into pleasure boating. They started to build luxury vessels to support travelers who wanted to explore the dazzling Italian coastline with upscale amenities and fancy accommodations. In 1973, Leopard Yachts launched its first wooden yacht. This jumpstarted the release of several other builds over the following years. In 1984, they released their first fiberglass model. It was known as the Leopard Sport 19 and it was an engineering marvel. After that, they released several new motor yachts. Some of their most famous ones include the Tiger, Gorgona, Giglio and Lupo di Mare.

Today, Leopard continues to break the mold with their contemporary designs and inventive structures. I like that they incorporate the latest trends in modern building technology so their vessels are smart and safe.

Unique Selling Points

When you book a Leopard charter, you’ll set off on an adventure like no other. Their award-winning sports yachts are globally recognized for their trademark style and luxurious touches. All of their models have oversized sunpads and ultra-wide decks that are perfect for resting, reclining and savoring the view. They also feature an impressive array of toys, accessories and fishing equipment so you can make unforgettable memories on and off the water.

As you browse their collections, you’ll discover that their boats range from modest to extravagant. Some of their more deluxe yachts feature perks like outdoor showers, exterior bars and premium entertainment systems for the ultimate coastal getaway.