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Benetti has a long history of designing and building best-in-class superyachts in the world. The renowned Italian brand has been crafting luxury yachts for decades and is leading the industry once again through its innovations in sustainability. Benetti strives to ensure that your next luxury yacht charter is as environmentally friendly as it is elegant and unforgettable. 

Yacht Selections

There are myriad Bennetti superyachts to choose from, including numerous award-winning designs. These luxurious vessels range from 30 to over 60 meters and may include triple decks. Choice amenities include large sun decks, beach clubs, and Jacuzzis. The large size and roomy accommodations provide staterooms for each guest. Bennetti is considered the Italian superyacht specialist and includes options and standards that spell out luxury from the moment you board. 


Benetti’s storied history spans more than 200 years, to 1873, when Italian shipyard worker, Lorenzo Benetti, purchased his first vessel, the Cantiere Darsena Lucca. For nearly a century, Benetti and his descendants and proteges would hone their reputation for building some of the finest wooden fishing boats and Mediterranean trading ships in the world. 

In 1962, the first motor yacht of the Benetti fleet, the Delfino, was built and a new era of luxury and innovation was born. The current, cutting-edge look includes large panes of glass mixed with classical tones. To preserve its beauty for many years, Benetti insists on the highest quality exterior surface finish to give these luxury yachts timeless appeal and unparalleled durability. The result is a vessel meant to last not just one lifetime but many.

Special Features

By using smart technology and database management, Benetti can personalize furnishings and replace them when damaged. That attention to detail allows for multiple generations of pleasure cruisers to enjoy the ambiance and style while keeping the alluring aesthetic that Benetti is known for. 

Benetti Yachts are made to withstand time using innovative construction that guarantees owners and passengers smooth navigation. Libraries of technical specs have been compiled to ensure no detail is missed. That includes testing vendor reliability and commissioning methods. Custom yachts are designed and built by a dedicated team of Benetti experts with technical and engineering knowledge to create structures from advanced nautical construction that meet and exceed the most rigorous industry standards. 

Currently, Benetti is navigating innovative waters with its uncompromising commitment to environmental sustainability. Using state-of-the-art technology, Benetti is incorporating eco-friendly systems throughout its fleet and has introduced a line of hybrid superyachts.