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Maiora Yacht Charter believes yachting should be synonymous with luxurious living. This renowned brand designs exclusive flybridge yachts for discerning clients around the world. They operate under Next Yacht Group in Italy. They construct their boats in Massa and Viareggio and have four factories in Versila. Maoira specializes in what they call Sport Unconventional Vessels, which they customize down to the last detail.

Yacht Selection

The Maiora fleet is multifaceted and luxurious, much like the brand itself. Since the early 1970s, they’ve launched more than 200 flybridge yachts that have become instant icons. Their vessels include three customizable models.

Their signature flybridge is the Maiora 30. This is an innovative 30.5 meter yacht that features a fully customizable layout and extravagant living areas. The Maiora 35 Exuma is a step above that model. It has a fully opened stern and waterjets that propel it effortlessly across the water.

For a truly immersive experience, check out the Maiora 42. This vessel includes an array of distinct features including oversized guest suites.

Brand History

Maiora has been a leader in Italy’s luxury yacht market for more than 45 years. They design each of their vessels to thrill and excite. When they first started, they were some of the early pioneers in fiberglass yacht designs.

A unique feature of their brand is the way they blend exteriors and interiors. When you step onto their decks, you’ll notice how seamlessly each space flows into the next. The open air and gentle sea beautifully highlight the upscale elegance.

In 1985, Maiora joined forces with a shipyard called FIPA Group. This acquisition boosted the brand and helped them reach new markets. FIPA was founded in 1981. Its owners were Francesco Guidetti and Mirna Santucci. In 1989, FIPA purchased the Intermare Naval Shipyard at the Viareggio harbor. This gave them more space to expand their operations. From that point on, they could make Maiora yachts that were 105 feet or longer.

Unique Selling Points

Something special about Maiora is that they also offer full scale maintenance and storage services in addition to yacht sales. Any time someone buys one of their boats, they can count on the team for the lifetime of their vessel. This is why the brand has such loyal clients.

When you book a Maoira yacht charter, you’re getting more than a premium getaway. You’ll have access to one of the industry’s most time honored and respected brands.