7 Yachts Found

Radež is a Croatian shipyard that is at the top of their game in the world of yachting, and especially superyacht building. They’re based in the quaint town of Blato on the island of Korčula. This particular island has long been a shipbuilding powerhouse, with a shipbuilding history that goes back for centuries and has made the island a revered legend in the industry.

Yacht Selections

When it comes to yachts, Radež only offers up the best. They focus entirely on custom superyachts, so every vessel that comes out of their shipyard is a spectacular trendsetter. All of their superyachts use steel and aluminum constructions that are suited for ships of their stature. While Radež creates sailing yachts and motor yachts alike, their ships range from an impressive 43m to an astounding 52m.


Radež has been a respected name in yachting for decades. The business began in 1954 and has been earning a reputation of unmatched quality ever since. It’s important to note that because this builder is located on Korčula which has a longstanding history of shipbuilding, many of their employees come from numerous generations of shipbuilders. This generational knowledge and dedication to the craft shines through in Radež’s superior designs and quality. They are perpetually innovating and creating new ways to make the superyachts of today better and stronger, so their models are consistently ahead of their time.

Special Features

One aspect of shipbuilding that is unique from Radež is just how much of the brand’s construction is one of a kind. While observing and learning from other yacht builders, Radež is consistently building on what they’ve learned while also taking advantage of emerging technologies. As a result, much of their construction uses techniques and technology that they or their partners have developed first-hand and that you won’t find from any other builders.