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Pershing is a luxury sports yacht brand based in Mondolfo, Italy. They released their first vessel in 1985. They’re known for creating fast speed vessels with creative designs and modern styling. You’ll love their composite motor yachts, which are up to 35 meters long.

Yacht Selection

The Pershing fleet includes three motor yacht collections. Yachts in the X Series have futuristic materials, powerful engines and modern profiles. The GTX vessels are sportier and more tech savvy. If you want speed and luxury, check out the Pershing 140. This superyacht is their first all aluminum vessel. It includes special touches like an oversized beach area.

The Pershing 115 is their flagship superyacht. It was designed by an Italian firm named Fulvio De Simone. An engineering team from Ferretti Group developed the form. This vessel can speed up to 52 knots thanks to its advanced technology.

Brand History

Pershing started in 1981. That year, three Italian entrepreneurs established the brand’s first shipyard. It was originally called Cantiere Navale dell’Adriatico.

After working on their designs for four years, they released their first luxury yacht in 1985. It was an ultra fast motor yacht called the Pershing 45. From that point on, the shipyard became known as Pershing. I like that they derived this name from the Pershing missile. When you hear it, you instantly think of power, prestige and high performance design.

In 1998, they became part of the Ferretti Group. Now, they have locations in Mondolfo, Ancona and Forlì.

Unique Selling Points

Something that sets Pershing yachts apart is their speed. You’ll notice that these vessels are some of the fastest on the market. This is because they incorporate premium racing technology.

Their team focuses on enhancing the aerodynamics of each vessel as much as possible. Even the interiors are built to support the boat’s performance. Materials like lightweight carbon fiber help them glide quickly and smoothly through the water.

If you’re planning to entertain on board, check out their Music Hull. This special hull plays music even below the water. Unique features like these will take your yachting experience to the next level.