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Lagoon luxury charter yachts blend sophisticated design with robust craftsmanship that lives up to the brand’s reputation for dependable elegance. Born out of a deep love for the sea and respect for nature, sustainability is at the core of all the vessels they produce. Lagoon’s luxury catamaran charters let you explore nature up close and intimately. They’re ideal for family-friendly vacations and social charters.

Yacht Selection

Lagoon’s impressive fleet of luxury yachts include sailing catamarans that come in lengths ranging from 40 to 77 feet. Designed to maximize flow between indoors and outdoors, they weave a superior level of modern comforts with old-world charm.

Power catamarans from Lagoon are born for crossing oceans, island hopping, or cruising coastlines. The Sixty 7 line boasts compact luxury, including the hotel-worthy owner’s suite as its most notable feature. The Seventy 8 offers space and privacy in organically flowing spaces that marry comfort and sophistication.


With its roots in Bordeaux, France, Lagoon is one of the world’s largest multihull boat builders. Since the humble birth of Lagoon in 1984, the brand has expanded into many countries across the globe. Represented by over 85 dealers and 233 specialized service points worldwide, they’ve established themselves as a leading manufacturer of both sailing and powered catamarans.

Special Features

Lagoon’s commitment to sustainability can be seen in their use of primary materials. Their research and development department continually strives to reduce the environmental impact of their vessels and to source environmentally respectful primary materials. Future developments will see fiberglass replaced by natural hemp fiber and biosourced resin. Additionally, they offer integrated solar panels on the coachroofs of many models to power onboard equipment.