Gulf Craft

15 Yachts Found

Gulf Craft has been building luxury motor yachts since 1982. Their impressive collection includes more than 10,000 custom vessels. The industry pioneers are well known for their designs, which range from humble fishing boats to massive megayachts. They’re based in the United Arab Emirates.

Yacht Selection

The hardest part of booking a Gulf Craft charter might be selecting the perfect watercraft. There are many to choose from and they all range in size and capability.

On the smaller side, their Silvercraft Boats are perfect for fishing adventures and quick day trips. Their SilverCAT catamarans are a little bigger and feature an advanced hull design. If you want something more spacious, check out their Oryx Sports Cruisers. These deliver speed, power and performance to optimize the cruising experience.

Their Nomad and Majesty yacht lines are the largest of all. These include luxury yachts, superyachts and megayachts that span up to 175 feet.

Brand History

Like most great brands, Gulf Craft started small. More than 40 years ago, they started selling small fishing boats. Now, they’re recognized as one of the top seven shipyards in the world.

Their original shipyard was a 218,000 square foot space in Ajman, UAE. Their first fishing boat was named Sport Fishing 24. Before long, they started making more 14 foot runabouts to fulfil local demand. Just three years later, they launched Hamoor 30 and Ambassador 24. These have become two of their most recognizable models. Many more vessels were released over the years, including the launch of the Silvercraft range in 2008. In 2012, they debuted their first superyacht, called the Majesty 135.

A UAE diplomat named Mohammed Alshaali is at the forefront of this vision. Alshaali oversees every aspect of his business. He’s enthusiastic about leisure boating and looks for ways to improve the industry every day.

In all, there are five different brands in the Gulf Craft product portfolio. Whether you want to book a fishing charter for the day or indulge in a megayacht for the week, they’ll take care of you.

Unique Selling Points

Gulf Charter is known for using advanced technology in all of their boats. They’ve become synonymous with classic design and impeccable craftsmanship. Something that sets them apart is their hands on involvement. The design team directly manages every step of the production process to ensure quality and performance. They focus on vertically aligned operations and cost effective, diverse solutions.

In addition to building and selling yachts, they also maintain them. They operate two service centers in the UAE. One center is for yachts under 70 feet long and the other is for ones longer than 70 feet. This means you’ll always have somewhere to take your vessel when it needs repairs, support or refitting. They also have a wide reaching network of dealers in various hotspots around the world including the Mediterranean, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.