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You know a company is good when it’s been going strong for more than 115 years. That’s the prestige of Amels Shipyard. This builder has been at the forefront of the Netherlands’ luxury yacht industry since 1918. They build bespoke and semi custom superyachts that are recognized for their quality, performance and seaworthiness.

Yacht Selection

Amels yachts are divided into Limited Edition and Full Custom categories. These vessels vary in their level of personalization but they’re all immaculate and well designed. The Limited Edition yachts are considered semi custom.

Amels 60 is one of their top performing Limited Edition superyachts. This impressive boat launched in 2019 and has won many awards. She’s 60 meters long and includes state of the art technology, sustainable features and a luxurious beach club.

Amels 80 launched in 2022 and is even more substantial. This adventure charter redefines the future of luxury yachting with a holistic design, fine furnishings and a creative floorplan.

Their full custom models allow owners to exercise control over every part of the building process. They work closely with each new partner to understand their vision and create a vessel that exceeds their expectations.

Brand History

For more than a century, the Damen family has owned and operated Amels. They’re known for ushering in a new form of Dutch shipbuilding called platform building. This approach helps them ensure each new vessel is reliable and high quality.

The shipyard was one of the first of its kind to build superyachts but they started much smaller. At first, Amels was known for its beautifully crafted wooden fishing boats. Later, they started designing steel tugboats and coasters.

Their first superyacht was called Katalina. She’s still on the water today, which is a testament to her craftsmanship and quality. Kommer Damen took over operations in 1991 and the Damen family has expanded their shipbuilding group over the years.

In 2003, Amels relocated to a city in the Netherlands called Vlissingen. Here, they operate the country’s largest superyacht facility and employ around 1,500 people.

Unique Selling Points

I like that this brand’s signature style is evident in each new yacht they build. They take a contemporary approach to design and incorporate architectural details you can’t find anywhere else.

Amels’ handiwork is evident in Project Tanzanite. This is their largest superyacht to date and it spans 120 meters long. It’s a Full Custom design that will be delivered in 2025. Daman Yachting built the shape and renowned Norwegian designer Espen Oeino fine tuned the five deck exterior.

This illustrious brand has also been refitting luxury yachts for more than 25 years. They work on their own fleet and also service other brands.