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Astondoa is an esteemed yacht manufacturer that truly understands and respects the craftsmanship of yacht building, infusing passion, artistry, and innovation into every luxury charter yacht that emerges from their shipyards. They are based on Santa Pola in the Alicante province of Spain, along the beautiful Mediterranean coast. This spectacular family-run business has a reputation for quality that they have earned many times over.

A History of Excellence

Astondoa is a legend of the yachting world. Their story goes back over 100 years to 1916 when two brothers, Jesús and José Astondoa, began building small rowboats together. They parted ways after the Spanish Civil War and Jesús took over the business, stepping up the production to fishing boats and recreational boats.

As the years went by, the shipyard was passed from generation to generation in the Astondoa family. Their vessels became grander and grander, and the world noticed, eventually leading them to earn awards and praise at international competitions.

Astondoa continued their original tradition of all-wod construction until the 1980s when they started incorporating fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin. Eventually they added steel construction as well and continued to grow their designs into the realm of superyachts.

Today, with four generations of history and counting, this family shipyard has a reputation as one of the premier shipyards in all of Europe. They now have four expansive production sites along with their headquarters in Santa Pola.

Yacht Selections

Astondoa’s motor yachts span five ranges, each with its own flair: Coupe, Flybridge, As, Century, and Ax. Their most notable range, though, is their Steel Range of incredible superyachts that reach up to 60.05m long. Whatever your appetite for luxury may be, Astondoa has a model that will satisfy. Every yacht they produce is a custom work of art as well, designed for the specific owner’s preferences and style. Your Astondoa charter yacht will truly be one of a kind.

Special Features

While Astondoa’s designs are beloved, they’re particularly respected for their innovation. Not only have they remained on the cutting edge of yachting throughout their century history but they’ve created the cutting edge as well. Their own research has allowed them to develop new ways to make hulls lighter and more resistant, which allows for faster and more resilient yachts.

For the perfect combination of aesthetics and function with the reliability of a multi-generational family business, Astondoa is an exceptional selection.