14 Yachts Found

Horizon is a Taiwanese yacht brand. They started in 1987 in the city of Kaohsiung. They’re known for producing modern boats that feature new technology and expert craftsmanship. You’ll love their different models, which range from catamarans and motor yachts to high end superyachts. Their team is famous for using cutting edge design techniques.

Yacht Selection

The smallest Horizon yachts are in the PC series. These are cruising catamarans in the 50 foot range. While the vessels are smaller, they’re still super comfortable and elegant. When you step on board, you’ll find amenities that are usually only found on motor yachts.

They also offer seven other yacht series, including a superyacht called EP150. This boat has an on site spa, fitness center and salon. I like that the master stateroom is on the main deck, along with an outdoor dining area.

They built all their yachts using advanced composite technology. This means they’re fast and powerful on the water but still lightweight.

Brand History

From the beginning, Horizon was built for luxury. As a naval architect, CEO John Lu wanted to create dream yachts for the most exclusive clients. Their team started small with just 30 employees but it quickly grew.

They built their first megayacht in 1993. They knew their clients wanted larger vessels that could hold more people, so they started designing ones longer than 80 feet. As production demand grew, they knew they’d have to adjust their strategy.

From 2000 to 2005, Horizon focused on fine tuning every part of their processes. To do so, they leaned on the partnerships they’d already formed in the industry. One of their companies, Altech Composite, began building their composite hulls and superstructures. Another company called Vision Yachts started working on their mid sized designs. Premier Yacht provided maintenance and refitting for their superyachts.

They built a new production facility in 2021. The space covers 106,745 square feet. It can hold seven yachts up to 120 feet long. Today, they release 20 to 25 new builds each year.

Unique Selling Points

Something that sets Horizon apart is their commitment to innovation. You’ll notice that they incorporate premium building technology into every vessel they design. Their architects and engineers research and design features to make their yachts faster, safer and more efficient. Some of the systems they’ve implemented include CNC milling, 3D CAD technology and virtual reality.

Their goal is to make sure each vessel looks beautiful and performs well on the water. They carefully test each yacht to ensure it’s efficient and hydrodynamic. Each build meets International Standards and is fully certified by the world’s top societies.