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Canados is an Italian luxury yacht company that’s based in Rome. They’ve been in the industry since 1946. Decades ago, the team was first commissioned to create custom vessels for the Navy, Coast Guard and harbor masters. Those first designs created a foundation of craftsmanship and engineering excellence that continues to this day. Something unique about this shipyard is they’re known for creating almost everything in-house. This creates a one-of-a-kind charter experience, with touches of modern artistry at every turn.

Yacht Selection

When you picture your perfect charter, do you want to glide peacefully as you enjoy Mediterranean views or take daring, high-speed thrill rides? Either way, Canados brings your dream adventure to life. Their Gladiator Series features high-performance monohulls, head-turning sports yachts and luxurious sport cruisers. All of their vessels are built to be powerful, sleek, and gloriously lightweight on the water.

If tech-savvy comfort is what you’re after, check out their Canados Series. This flybridge fleet has panoramic views, oversized master suites and special touches like floor-to-ceiling windows. For true adventure-seekers, their Oceanic Series combines robust construction and rugged materials with high-end amenities and sleek designs.

Brand History

The master carpenters of Canados have long been admired for the precision and skill of their work. In 1953, they launched eight interceptor patrol boats, which caught the public’s eye in a big way. While many people praised the skill of the shipyard, there was one person who changed the trajectory of the brand forever. In the audience that day, there was a representative sent by the royal family of a Gulf emirate. He was so impressed by the boats that he asked if Canados could build a custom yacht for His Highness.

Instead of shying away from such an enormous task, the carpenters got to work. From that moment forward, their artistic handiwork and attention to detail have captivated boaters around the world. If you admire modern luxury and cutting-edge production techniques, you’ll love their charters.

Unique Selling Points

Comfort and style are the main focus at Canados. They never stop looking for ways to make their yachts smarter and more innovative. Their in-house team includes naval architects, engineers and designers who manage all the technical work that goes into a new build. They’re always looking for ways to use new technologies, materials and equipment to create brand-new prototypes.

When you step onboard, you’ll immediately notice the beautifully designed exteriors and well-appointed rooms. However, there are other small details to discover on each vessel. From original hull designs to high-tech composite materials and expert millwork, no inch is left untouched. Plus, the yachts also contain impressive features like open beach clubs, diving rooms and spacious aft decks that hold an array of water toys. With so much to see and enjoy, it’s easy to see why Canados is synonymous with royalty.