4 Yachts Found

Baglietto is an Italian shipyard that specializes in designing and developing some of the world’s most luxurious motor yachts. This brand has been in business for more than 160 years and has evolved into one of the industry’s most prolific power players.

Yacht Selection

This brand has four different yacht collections and can also create custom designs. Yachts in their XO range have hulls made of high tensile steel and aluminum superstructures. This includes the X50. This superyacht is big enough to hold up to 12 guests and nine crew members.

The TLINE range includes the T52 and T60 models. These are hybrid vessels that dazzle on the water thanks to their spacious decks, long windows and special features like swimming pools. Yachts in the DOM Line have displacement hulls that allow them to cut through the water with little propulsion while the Fast Line yachts have planing hulls built for speed.

Brand History

Pietro Baglietto founded the company in 1854. He focused on building small fishing boats at first but it wasn’t long before he started creating yachts. His first design was a 7.5 meter racing boat named Rosy. From there, he designed other vessels and started entering them in local regattas.

In 1906, Baglietto built a luxury boat called Guiseppina. It featured an explosion engine and became known as the country’s most significant cruising yacht. When World War I broke out, they shifted their focus to building watercraft that could support the country’s wartime efforts. By 1923, however, they’d started building pleasure boats again. Some of the most famous people in the world, including the King of Spain, commissioned their own creations.

The shipyard passed down through several generations of the Baglietto family over the years. They developed new production techniques, added more onboard technology and launched bigger models. In 2012, the Gavio family acquired the brand. They’re one of Italy’s most renowned industrial groups and they’ve greatly expanded Baglietto’s production capabilities.

Unique Selling Points

This brand follows a philosophy that it calls Baglietto Blueness. This symbolizes their commitment to quality and their connection to the sea. It’s a concept and vision that they strive to achieve with every new vessel they make. One of the “Bs” in this theory stands for their Bzero Project.

Through this project, they hope to create vessels that will have zero carbon emissions. They’ve already created a unique hydrogen production module that lets them harness energy from renewable sources. They hope to integrate this hydrogen fuel cell technology on their hybrid or diesel platforms released in 2025.