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The Turkish yachting industry is defined by luxury, exclusivity and attention to detail. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Numarine Yachts. This shipyard has been creating semi custom explorer yachts for more than 20 years and their quality craftsmanship has earned them global attention.

Yacht Selection

Numarine’s yacht collection includes seven unique models. They can adjust each one to meet each owner’s needs. The 22XP is their most compact yacht at just 22.6 meters long. It can hold up to eight people and includes three decks, a flybridge and bright interiors.

The 37XP is one of their mid range models. It’s nicknamed Big Blue and features lots of spaces for sunbathing and socializing. The Amore Yacht Charter is based on this design and includes perks like a cinema, deck Jacuzzi and beach club.

Guests who want to charter the brand’s biggest model should start with the 45XP. This is their new flagship model and it’s designed to keep you comfortable in any conditions. This design features their highest end materials and amenities.

Brand History

Numarine’s founder, Omer Malaz, started the brand in 2002. His mission was to create a stronger motor yacht that was better and faster than any other on the market. He also wanted his vessel to perform well on the sea and feel incredibly comfortable. Malaz grew up adventuring on motor yachts with his family and he always felt like something was missing from those designs.

He knew he’d have to do things differently to achieve his goals. To start, he turned to the aviation and racing industries to learn how he could make his yachts lightweight and effective. There, he discovered the power of vacuum infusion and composite materials. These powerful components are in every boat they design today.

They released their first yacht in 2003. It was a high performance model called the 52 Open. From there, they launched several new models including the oversized 102 RPH in 2008.

Unique Selling Points

Numarine yachts are a testament to the power of precision. With every vessel, the team strives to get as close to perfection as humanly possible. They have a 35,000 square meter production facility that’s climate controlled and environmentally friendly. They can use this space to build 12 motor yachts at a time that are between 22 and 45 meters long.

I like that their manufacturing process includes cutting edge technologies, like computer numerical control. They make all of their hull, body and deck molds using one of Europe’s biggest five axis CNC machines. It can run all day and night to ensure round the clock production.

In addition, they also make most of their components in house. Take a look at the fine details on the glasswork, cabinets, metalwork and upholstery when you’re on your charter. All of these parts were made by their dedicated teams.