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Hatteras has produced some of the world’s top sportfishing yachts for more than 60 years. This shipyard is based in New Bern, North Carolina and is a leader in the global yachting industry. Their vessels are some of the sleekest and fastest on the water so you’re sure to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Their modern architecture and premium features offer a best in class experience whether you’re in a competitive fishing tournament or enjoying a leisurely pleasure cruise.

Yacht Selection

There are three distinct yacht models in the Hatteras fleet. I like that all of their vessels are tournament ready and feature a convertible design.

The GT59 is their smallest vessel but it still delivers plenty of power on the water. This yacht is known for its reliable and comfortable seakeeping and fast speeds of more than 40 knots. Fishermen will appreciate its integrated rigging and expansive storage while anyone will be impressed by the beautiful interior staterooms.

The GT65 is based on the brand’s original model called the Knit Wits. Its classic design includes a stepped back bridge and hull side vent as well as newly designed windows. This vessel also showcases some of Hatteras’ innovative technical work.

Guests who need a little more room will love the GT70. This is their largest yacht and they designed it to be extra rugged. At the same time, it’s still elegant and upscale. The luxurious interior includes a gourmet galley and a spacious salon. This yacht has five staterooms so it’s the perfect size for tournament teams who want a llitle bit of luxury while they go for the big prize.

Hatteras is currently working on a new generation of yachts and new models. The brand says these should be released soon.

Brand History

Hatteras started in 1959. Founder Willis Slane wanted to create a fishing boat strong enough to withstand the forceful winds and waves off the coast of Cape Hatteras. His goal was to capture the marlin that populated the area but he needed the right vessel to get there.

His first design was called the Knit Wits. This boat is special because it was the first fiberglass sportfishing boat that was longer than 40 feet. People loved it and Slane was excited that his grand debut was such a big success. Since then, the brand has been creating innovative, sturdy vessels that can cut through even the choppiest waters.

In 2021, the White River Marine Group bought Hatteras. This meant that some of the best boat builders in the world were now on the same production team. This greatly expanded the brand’s reach and allowed them to make even more of their spectacular fishing yachts.

Unique Selling Points

The Hatteras team creates unique yacht designs that push the limits of what many people think is possible. Throughout the years, some of their inventions have included a special type of convex, a new air induction system and a modified hull design. They’ve won many patents and awards over the years thanks to their creative engineering and quest for excellence.

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you step onto a Hatteras yacht. They thoughtfully designed each component to make sure you’re safe and comfortable during your getaway. I appreciate that they focus just as much on designing beautiful interiors as creating sturdy, seaworthy boats.

Something special about this shipyard is that they also offer a hurricane haul out service. You can visit them to find a spot to keep your yacht safe if a storm is on the way. They’ve got almost 100 acres along the Neuse River and can accommodate yachts up to 90 feet long.