Fountaine Pajot

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Fountaine Pajot has been building luxury catamaran yachts for more than 50 years. This iconic brand is based in La Rochelle, France. Their innovative designs are 40 to 80 feet long and perform beautifully on the water. All of their models are high performing, comfortable and tech savvy. They’re focused on building sustainable and environmentally friendly vessels.

Yacht Selection

Each Fountaine Pajot catamaran is unique in its own way. However, the brand makes sure all of its vessels have a distinct, cohesive style. This makes their designs recognizable anywhere in the world.

They always start by designing a basic sailboat that performs exceptionally well. They focus on form and function, making sure their watercraft are equipped to sail long distances.

From there, they enhance each vessel with artistic and architectural touches. Since their beginning, they’ve designed 45 different models. One of their most prolific partnerships started in 1991. That year, they teamed up with a French design firm named Berret-Racoupeau. Together, they launched the Marquises 56, which became one of their signature models.

Their designers are always looking for ways to incorporate the latest technology into each yacht. However, the designs still feel classic and timeless. Their selection ranges from the 11.93 meter Isla 40 to the 23.98 meter Thira 80. They offer options for sailing and motor cruising.

Brand History

Fountaine Pajot was created in 1976 by two brothers named Jean-François and Yves Fountaine Pajot. They shared a passion for sailing and wanted to create a catamaran that performed better than anything on the water. They started in the small fishing village of La Rochelle and the rest is history.

Over the past five decades, they’ve created around 4,000 cruising catamarans for clients across the globe. Their crew includes 800 team members who are dedicated to the brand’s vision. They’ve also gained some impressive clients. Reports show that former French President Jacques Chirac used a Fountain Pajot yacht.

In 1985, they released the world’s first motor powered catamaran. It was called the Salona 34. This design set the stage for decades of innovation that continues today.

Unique Selling Points

Something you’ll love about this brand is their commitment to creative, sustainable design. By 2030, they plan to equip their entire catamaran fleet with hybrid electric engines. They believe that to keep the sea blue, the yachting industry has to go green.

This is something they’ve been working on for years. They’re already known for their rechargeable hybrid electric catamarans, which have redefined the industry. These vessels recharge through various systems, including solar panels, wind turbines and hydro generators.

Looking ahead, they’re making their business model even more eco friendly. To get there, they’re prioritizing renewable energy, hiring new experts and researching technological solutions. Recently, they founded the ODSeaLab innovation platform. This collaborative group brings yacht leaders together to discuss new production processes and material selections.