Admiral Yachts

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Admiral Yachts immediately brings to mind luxury, elegance and prestige. The esteemed Italian shipyard has been creating custom superyachts and megayacht charters since 1966. They’ve launched 150 boats since they opened and each one is made in Italy.

The Admiral brand is part of the Italian Sea Group that focuses on custom, large scale vessels. The most discerning owners go to this shipyard when they want a refined yacht that’s unlike anything on the water.

Yacht Selection

Booking an Admiral family charter means stepping away from the ordinary. Their models are designed to be extraordinary down to every detail. There are nine models in all and each one is unique.

The smallest yacht in their collection is the Admiral Quaranta. It’s 40 meters long and made of aluminum. You’ll love its sleek design and efficient use of space. Their mid range model is the Galileo. This megayacht has a customizable length that can range from 63 to 82 meters. It’s made of steel and aluminum and features elegant lines, four decks and lots of living space.

The GA 72M is Admiral’s biggest yacht. This monolith is 72 meters long and was designed by fashion powerhouse Giorgio Armani. Of course, it showcases the designer’s impeccable style and luxurious taste.

Brand History

Five decades have passed since Admiral launched their first yacht in 1966. It was a wooden 18 meter boat that was modest by comparison but helped them earn local recognition. The release was a great success. Many experts consider it a defining moment in the country’s yachting history. Back then, their brand name was Arcobaleno Super. Later, it became President.

In the mid 1970s, they decided to ramp up their designs a little. They released their first 30 meter motor yacht under the name Cantieri Navali Lavagna. This launch was also successful and it encouraged them to keep going. A few years later, they released a 34 meter yacht called Mau Mau. This vessel featured four powerful engines and could speed up to 32 knots.

It’s important to keep in mind that most yachts built during this time weren’t longer than 18 meters. Admiral was breaking new ground and also coming up with new designs. They wanted to keep their yachts lightweight and efficient so they released their first light alloy model in 1982.

They’ve been creating aluminum and steel yachts ever since. All of their fleets are solid, fast and safe. They joined the Italian Sea Group in 2011. They operate as part of the Technomar portfolio.

Something I like about this brand is that they don’t just focus on making their vessels beautiful. Their team also fine tunes every technical detail to make sure the yachts perform with precision.

Unique Selling Points

I love that Admiral doesn’t have any limits when it comes to the size of their yachts. They can turn any of their clients’ dreams into reality. As a charter guest, you’ll reap the benefits of their innovative work.

They involve the owner in every step of the design process to make sure everything meets their expectations. The GA 72M is a great example. Armani played a major role in the development of this high end megayacht. He wanted the final product to feature large, geometric shapes that blended beautifully with curvy, soft edges. The architects and designers worked together to achieve this task.

Admiral listens to their owners and there’s no request too big or small. You know you’re in for luxury when you book an Admiral yacht charter.